Not Like a Pregnancy Test

As you search for a paternity testing company, we urge you to keep the following points in mind:

  • While many paternity testing companies allow you to collect your DNA samples at home, a paternity test is not like a pregnancy test where you can easily read the yes/no result.
  • DNA paternity testing involves complex procedures and analyses that can only be performed by highly trained and experienced scientists.

Beta Paternity’s laboratory is staffed by expert DNA analysts whose vast experience in the paternity testing industry enables them to correctly analyze DNA test data in even the most complex cases. Extensive DNA analysis is required in motherless paternity tests, tests involving related alleged fathers, and tests involving genetic mutations. Our scientists know this, and they will test additional DNA markers and perform additional statistical calculations as needed to achieve conclusive, reliable test results for every paternity test we do.

When you choose your DNA testing laboratory, be sure that its scientists have the depth of experience needed to correctly handle your paternity test. You must be able to trust your test results.

Beta Paternity is a conscientious, experienced DNA testing laboratory. For more information about the many benefits we offer our clients, please visit our Why Choose Beta page or call us at 1-800-798-3810.

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