How long is your paternity DNA collection kit good?

What happens if you are unable to collect all of the DNA samples for your paternity test right after you receive your paternity test kit? How long do you have to use the DNA kit?

These are questions that many of our clients ask, particularly when tested parties are difficult to reach for DNA sample collection. The good news: Beta paternity DNA test collection kits do not expire. You can use our kit on the day you receive it or years from now.

There’s a catch, however: If you have collected samples of one or more of the tested parties (but not all of the parties), the DNA in the samples may deteriorate if you wait an extended period of time. Unlike unused kits that have an unlimited shelf life, used DNA sample collection kits (along with the collected DNA) may not last forever after the DNA is collected. This is because DNA can break down over time when exposed to the environmental elements.

So what does this mean?

When you receive your free DNA test collection kit, you have as long as you want to start collecting DNA samples. Although it is best to collect all the samples together, you can collect the samples separately, place them in the paper envelopes provided, and return them to our laboratory. We will store the collected samples and being paternity testing once we receive all of the DNA test samples. Results will be available in 5 short working days from the time the final sample is received.

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  1. Admin says:

    A lawyer recently contacted Beta asking this question:

    I have seen test kits that have expired; does the use of such a kit affect the admissibility of the DNA sample result in Court?

    Because Beta only performs in-home DNA tests, our results cannot be used in a court. In-home DNA tests use collection processes that do no ensure chain of custody. However, if you need a DNA paternity test for a legal case, you can visit DNA Diagnostics Center who provides DNA tests performed with strict chain of custody to ensure that the results are legally defensible.

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